Here, Air now available as a free download on John’s blog!

Here Air is free to downloadFirst of all, I am sorry for a long, long time of the site being MIA (it was in a not-so-nice place called pička materina, to be precise). Basically, it was not deleted, it was disabled due to server problems. The site might have to be relocated in near future, as this is getting frustrating and comes in the worst possible moments.

Here, Air; the 13th song off The Empyrean is now 100% free for everyone! You can download it on John’s official blog or below. You will have to submit a valid email address (and spell it correctly) and a link will be sent to your email inbox. Make sure you download it there and nowhere else, so the exact number of downloads can be counted.

After the iTunes mystery back in March and the fact that most people were forwarding a mp3 of Here, Air to each other, the label solved the problem (because they’re nice) and explained that it was a little glitch.

Thanks to Felix and Perrine who emailed me regarding this, I was aware of it myself and it was quite a nice good morning surprise, but it was not possible to put it up before the site was back from pička materina.

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