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Praises of How Deep Is Your Love? cover and By The Way

Here’s a pair of recent clippings, as John’s vocal, guitar and production skills are often talked about in the online media, whether he would like it it or not…

How Deep Is Your Love? makes it to a list of (in)famous covers
In the 18th issue of magazine-like feature The Vault, the subject are famous and infamous classic live performances. One of the three they’re talking about is John’s take on The Bee Gees’ How Deep Is Your Love?

This last video is one of the most surprisingly genius covers I’ve ever heard. You won’t agree until after watching this video but the Beegee’s “How Deep is your Love” is a work of startling musical subtly and complexity as well as heartbreaking beauty. Who could produce such a majestic cover you ask? No not Jeff Buckley, but amazingly, John Frusciante. Admittedly, he can’t really hit the high notes but who cares, the sincerity is genuinely moving.

Of course, we have heard dozens of John’s interpretations of this and other songs and we know that he can hit high notes, but that’s another story.

By The Way praised as a classic album
In a lengthy article on The Music Cycle, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2002 album By The Way is spoken of with love, nostalgia and respect. Here are two interesting excerpts:

Now that we’ve reached the end of this amazing album, I’ll admit the final three songs on By The Way are some of my all-time favorites. “Venice Queen” is a melodic journey through California’s beaches, with some of Frusciante’s best playing. The song is atmospheric, ambient, and huge; I cannot give enough praise to this song.

”Tear” is the most powerful song on the album. Keidis channels his real life pain into the song, while being backed with some synth and Frusciante’s vocals. The song is true tearjerker, and should be heard by all.

Do read the rest of this in-depth review at By The Way – Classic albums revisited.

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