John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in 2005

John works on something ‘epic’, has 300-400 uned. songs, Omar says

After he spoke on John’s different philosophy, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez mentioned John in a significant number of other interviews, sometimes bringing up the subject of him first, before the interviewer would even ask about him.

Here’s what the careful readers of this website have assembled and translated so far. If you know of anything more, do drop a line.

Musikexpress, April 2012 cutting
Musikexpress, April 2012 cutting
“The preceding album is always the enemy, that’s an old saying. If I didn’t abandon what we did before, I’d be doing it yet again. That would be stagnation. That would be death. Bedlam In Goliath was tight and aggressive, so Octahedron became light and soft in comparison. With Noctourniquet I found it appealing to cut right to the chase of the matter and not to slacken the reins.”

Is this the reason why his friend, the exceptional guitarist John Frusciante, is not involved for the very first time? Omar sounds audibly contrite as he says: “It is our first album on which John does not play, yes. He is… how can I put it? He loves to play, of course, but he loathes everything that coheres with it – all responsibilities, even if there are practically none when he plays with us. However, he’s been working for the last three years on something that takes up all his time. I didn’t want to ask him to join in, because he is completely absorbed by his new music. That’s why he quit the Chili Peppers in the first place. I don’t want to give away too much, but what he’s working on will be… ‘epic’? Yeah, epic is the right word.

(bit of an interview from Musikexpress for April 2012, as per attached picture)

Q: What is working with John Frusciante like?
A: John is a great guy. More than a guitar player, he’s a very expressive guy, an artist. People don’t know about this, but he has made around 400 recordings, which would make around 30 or 40 records, but he won’t edit them because he doesn’t care, he has another philosophy right now. After playing for so long with an almost-corporation that is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with so many rules and limitations, now he goes the other way around: only playing music because he wants to play music. He doesn’t want to think about having a producer edit it or what people would say. He does it because it’s what he likes to do and what moves him. And as much as I tell him, or someone else tells him, that he should edit what he has recorded (because there’s some badass stuff, that would make people change their perspective about electronic music by mixing it with rock), he won’t do it untill he moves to a next stage. It’s very admirable of him.

(bit of an interview from El Patas, August 2011, but VERY relevant)

Rolling Stone (spanish) March 2012 cutting
Rolling Stone (Spanish) March 2012 cutting
Q: Were you always that spiritual?
A: Yes. My mom taught me to do yoga, meditation and to study the sacred books. We weren’t a typical catholic latin familiy. We read the Cavada, the Quran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita….
Q: A “rare bird” in the music circus…
A: Well I share that with a Lot of friends, like John Frusciante.
Q: How is he? He had a lot of problems with drugs.
A: Very well since he left the Chili Peppers. Lately he has composed 300 or 400 songs. People think he disappeared, but that’s not so. He just stopped caring about editing records or playing live. We connect a lot.

(bit of the interview from the Spanish version of Rolling Stone for March 2012, as per attached picture)

Rockzone (Spanish) March 2012 cutting
Rockzone (Spanish) March 2012 cutting
Q:I wanted to ask you about John Frusciante, with whom you colaborated a lot. What is he doing? Is he going to put out a new album?

A:Well, no. John has been in his own trip this last years. He’s recording a big amount of music, electronic music, he’s already got 400 songs. He does it for the love of the process, not for putting records out or playing live. Although I guess he’ll want to share it in some point of time. It’s beautiful and very inspirational. I like that kind of mentality. I do a lot of records I don’t release, but that’s not the point or the goal, the point is the process itself.

(bit of the interview from the Spanish version of Rock Zone for March 2012, as per attached picture)

*Many thanks to Sebastiรƒยกn, Marta, Kadir, David, Stephan, Bahar and Shalhevet for their help compiling this, whether it was translating, scanning stuff or providing preliminary, rough translations.

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  • Patrick

    VERY COOL. I am so excited for what Froosh will come up with next!! Good article, by the way. Thanks to all the people who translated it.

  • Edwin

    These Interviews make me smile and feel very warm inside. John's art shines so different from my other interest, I can feel it through Omar's words. Beautiful Frusciante

  • gonnie

    I like how Omar makes it sound like RHCP is like corporate America when he has been the biggest and most dynamic influence in the band since 1989,

    • matthewjward

      almost all music is corporate nowadays. that's what he was saying. john doesn't want to be a part of something where money is even the tiniest bit of an influencing factor. plus, based on what omar said, and drawing from asdfg below me, john doesn't want the public's opinion to interfere with his creativity; he's an extremely sensitive human being, and right now, it seems that all he is focusing on is playing music, he doesn't care about producing, editing, organizing, releasing, etc. it seems to me like he is very much "in the zone" right now, and I for one am extremely excited and optimistic to hear what he has come up with. i have a feeling it will be some of his best work yet.

  • asdfg

    Thank you for collecting all of the relevant information into one news story. For the first time in a while I have some hope and clarification about what he's doing. I've gone from nearly totally giving up on him to being optimistic that we will indeed get to hear a massive amount of material as long as we stay alive for a while longer. My feeling is he's doing a Da Vinci kind of thing, and whenever he feels like it's time to do something else he'll release this music (possibly for free). I guess he doesn't want to release anything while he's still emotionally and artistically attached to it, that way our reception of it doesn't affect what he's currently working on. But obviously I'm speculating – the point is, good work Iva.

  • J Martin Basualdo

    I did the translation from the Spanish RS issue, on facebook, with that picture.
    (J Martín Basualdo)

  • gorgen111

    In case you didn't know, you guys can translate the entire interview by yourselves. Just copy and paste it into google translator spanish to english.

    • Iva

      That's what one should not do if an article is meant to end up on a website visited by many people. There are certain responsibilities than come with it and I am not trusting a machine who mixes up Jelena Karleuša (google that, you'll be scared) and Eric Clapton.

        • George

          Wasn't talking about republishing the interview on a website, just using the translator will give you a better understanding of it. Of course it's not perfect, but you'll understand the big parts of the interview. Think…before…you….talk.

  • Adam

    I think its slightly alarming. It sounds like he just writing and recording for his own enjoyment. It doesn't seem to me that omar is saying that he plans on making any albums.

    • Robbie

      I read that differently.

      "And as much as I tell him, or someone else tells him, that he should edit what he has recorded (because there's some badass stuff, that would make people change their perspective about electronic music by mixing it with rock), he won't do it untill he moves to a next stage."
      It seems Frusciante is not comfortable with releasing his work yet but that it is bound to happen.

    • Ben

      I share your point of view. Hope he does at least care a bit for his fans out there. ๐Ÿ˜

  • Earles

    When the time is right then John will release his songs to the public. I haven't given up on him. I don't know him personally but he is one unique person & such an amazing guitarist. I love listening to him play the guitar & his music. Good luck John in whatever you decide to do!

  • orangevarld

    Incredible news, now all is clearer, but it's still confusing. The best news to date is still that Share Watson said she has sung for his next album.

  • santino88

    Fu*kin' cool! Omar says it's epic – then it must be epic! ๐Ÿ™‚ I only hope we do get to hear it at some point in time.

  • schniefelus

    It's questionable if we ever get to hear them. At the moment it's rather unlikely that he's going to be in the mood of editing 300-400 "old" songs instead of just writing new ones

  • Fam

    YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to hear ANY & ALL of these tracks even unedited. I was hoping John would release a box set (vinyl or otherwise) with unreleased or rare tracks for fans who love the artistry of his work. Had no idea it was that many songs, but had a hunch it was A LOT of work. I've been feeding my cravings for new perspectives on John's sound by listening to isolated harmony and guitar tracks from the By the Way album on youtube.

  • Bernard

    I'm really happy for John to learn he's hit a creative high in this period. From a purely selfish point of view I'm not too optimistic however. I agree with schniefelus above; if and when John proceeds to the 'next stage' (as Omar puts it), it certainly will not be "editing a bunch of 400 old songs"……always assuming the number wouldn't have grow to a thousand or more by the time he gets round to it!! I think the best we can hope for is an internet release of unedited sounds. I'm not holding my breath however – we're in for the long haul anyway.

  • JohnC

    I almost wish we could let him know how badly we would like to hear these songs, but then i also wouldnt want to rush him if he's not ready to release them to the public. I guess we'll just have to wait and see…

  • Shine at end

    This article just made my day! So much happiness!! 400 songs by John!
    Oh god please make the release soon.

    • Iva

      For those involved in the process itself, probably not. :p For everyone else…well, I think there'd be a lot of strokes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Levi

    Very Cool.

    By the way. I understand people's concerns, in that they want to hear this music… but it's a bit silly to imply that John may not care about his fans. In less than a decade John released 4 groovy albums. And then in only one year He released four albums, which contained some of my favorite songs. Between RHCP and his solo stuff He has released a rediculous amount of songs. John isn't an entertainer, a dancing monkey, or a person who owes anyone (including his fans) a single thing. Just be glad that there is such a level-headed person, who is not self-absorbed or selfish and is not seeking fame and money. Knowing where John is right now, and where He's been, gives hope to everyone. A druggy near death, to a peaceful and beautiful human. John's music, as well as John's life, is poetic.

  • jyudin

    I love John. I haven't commented on here in years…but I rejoined just to say this. I think there are concerns that you can take from this but I think those concerns that have been posted so far are misplaced. Remember at the Grammy's in 2007 when they accepted the award for best rock album and John said very little but what he did say was very telling. He said "I'm so happy that our music could effect so many people"…John's music has done so much for so many people including myself. He doesn't owe anything to us…he could make thousands of songs and never release them if that's what he wanted and I would have to understand. It's not me or any of us that I'd be worried about. It's all the people that are like me before I heard his music…and I can't help but be afraid to think about what I would've been like had I never heard his work. For those people, I think John does owe it to them (without knowing who they are, or what their missing) to finish and release his music. Just my two cents…

  • Flo

    I hope he wont read what is standing here… must be very stressful and complicated to keep a free mind while thinking about such stuff…

  • dudeman

    THose 400 hundred songs would make this sack of dope and this next month of studying muuuuuuch better.

  • Joe Dawes

    On another not hasnt John contributed guitar to other ppls albums recently? How are they a NOT a product when he considers Mars Volta a product… and his wife is in a band that releases products… weird philosophy… wonder if that strains the marraige?

  • David

    I'm very happy to hear John is still writing even if the fans don't know it. My question is, will we ever hear any more of it?

  • Gianmarco

    An artist such as John will always write, will always create, and will always love it for the sake of what it is.Something as beautiful and universal as music, is the life force that runs through the world it connects people everywhere and shouldn't really be sold the way it is. I think it was pretty clear why he left the band and as much as i love rhcp I'm happy he left, because sadly it is at times like a corporation. If leaving the band allows him to do what he loves for him and no one else then we should respect that, and i would love to here just one if not all of the 400 tracks, reading these articles is very inspiring in many ways, and we well all hold a place in our hearts for John no matter what he decides to do.
    "whatever slips out of our hands, will find its way back to us once again."

  • audrey

    His former contract with RHCP might also restrict what he's now able to release, in his name — just as employee who quits an organization are at times restricted by a no-competition clause over a period of months or years. And that 'business' side of the music industry might have turned off the artist in him so much that he just wants to retreat for a while and not deal with consciously making 'products'. There might be two sides of this story, the ideological and philosophical part and the legal part that involves documents and lawyers. I am confident that someday we will hear some of this 'epic' music.

  • audrey

    His former contract with RHCP might also restrict what he's now able to release, in his name — just as employee who quits an organization are at times restricted by a no-competition clause over a period of months or years. And that 'business' side of the music industry might have turned off the artist in him so much that he just wants to retreat for a while and not deal with consciously making 'products'. There might be two sides of this story, the ideological and philosophical part and the legal part that involves documents and lawyers. I am confident that someday we will hear some of this 'epic' music.

    • gezgez


      but if you read the article carefully :

      "Is he going to put out a new album?
      A:Well, no"

      It says we can not expect an album

  • frusciante ftw

    i am the only person out of my whole school that likes john and the chilis…even my friends hate them…i dont know wat to do because i really want to have people especially friends to connect with via the music that i like. I show them crazy epic songs like ramparts, with love, look on solo, unreachable solo, cool as vocals like here, air but they just dont take interest to it…..HOW CAN U NOT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 13 btw

    • Jano

      You cannot force anyone to like it, it only works with some people, what I guess is perfectly natural. The fact that poeple dislike or don't appreciate something doesn't make it any less spectacular.

    • D.A.

      Are they satanic or goths maybe? Justin Bieber fan club school? Hip hop gangstas? Haha. Well take it easy they havent reach that level.

  • OwO

    im pretty sure he will release music sometime. he just does this thing every so often.. focus on creativity without any forethought of it being a something besides music. he had this philosophy before, except he painted

  • I

    Does anyone know if John reads the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins? His lyrics are a lot like what the Doctor teaches about

  • mandingo

    I'm a selfish john fan. Ya ya…ur not feeling that it's in your artistic interest to make a product… Just release the fuckin songs guy!

    • OwO

      i think eventually he will though. sooner or later he will waaant to make a product. its important for any artist to take breathers now and then ya kno

  • Ben

    It wouldn't surprise me if he's secretly got everything planned for a new album already. This is a man who left one of the worlds biggest bands at an early age because he hated being famous. It wouldn't be completely bizarre for him to wait for all this him leaving RHCP stuff again to die down before releasing material. Yeh, it was a few years ago but there's still a lot of talk around about him and them (RnR hall of fame for e.g). He releases stuff too early and people could easily throw it into red hot chili peppers news and gossip instead of recognizing it for as his own creation and that alone.

  • herman.gerhart

    2012 can be John's year ! Come on, we are hungry. The Empyrean is, in my opinion, the most incredible thing I ever heard from John, I don't ilk the whole record but still think he has done the best job of his released albums. John's work is getting better and better, why not releasing a new record at the end of the year ?
    My actual dream, however, is John on tour, and pleaaaase, anywhere in Europa !

    • Grace

      “Anywhere in Europe” – second that, man! I’m in Sweden and would go anywhere in Europe to see him live. I saw the RHCP last fall – and in my humble opinion the magic was gone. No John – no fireworks, no poetry, no magic.

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