Listen to Kimono Kult debut EP

Next to the samples that became available the other day, there’s now a preview of an entire song from the EP Kimono Kult debut EP, Todo Menos el Dolor. Have a listen.

And this is what the project’s lead vocalist, Teri Gender Bender said for Rolling Stone:

“The Spanish language is so beautiful that it has the right to be approached in any way possible. There is so much left to explore – pronunciation, etc. Because Spanish-speaking singers are strict with so many unspoken rules, I approached my mother language as if I were an alien from outer space. That was the mindset. Kimono Kult approaches the music in a completely original way, allowing for the imagination to flow. The lyric to ‘Todo Menos el Dolor’ is for the listener’s imagination. Spanish speaking or not, it goes way beyond language and [is] more about atmosphere. To me it could be a story about an alien that wanted to eat cats but it caused the critter so much pain [that] he became a vegetarian. Every interpretation is valid.”

Kimono Kult
Kimono Kult

You can read the entire article on RS website and/or see the project’s page on the Neurotic Yell Records website, here. Pre-order the EP here.

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