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Kimono Kult to release Hiding In The Light EP on March 04th

Kimono Kult - Hiding In The Light

Kimono Kult – Hiding In The Light cover image

Kimono Kult -a Los Angeles-based new group, featuring Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Teri Gender Bender, John, Nicole Turley, Dante White and Laena Geronimo is set to release their first digital EP on Neurotic Yell Records, on the 04th of March 2014.

Teri Gender Bender handles the lyrics writing and vocal duties, the rest of the team play various instruments and the EP was produced by Nicole Turley. See below for more information on who exactly plays what.

Track Listing

  1. Todo Menos El Dolor
  2. Las Esposas
  3. La Vida Es Una Caja Hermosa
  4. La Cancion De Alejandra

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – guitar, synths, strings
Teri Gender Bender – vocals, guitar, lyrics
John Frusciante – guitar
Nicole Turley – drum machine, bass, synths, trumpets, backing vocals, recording, mixing, production, mastering
Dante White-Aliano – guitar, synths
Laena Geronimo – bass, violin, trumpets

You cannot listen to it as of now, but you can pre-order-it for $5 or more and support the band; and read the below press release to get an idea of what it might sound like.

The hazy horizon of Los Angeles. Since it iproves perpetually unpredictable, it is not odd when one finds their co-conspirators in disparate locales, often smoothing out the vague and jagged status quos that are only a figment of our own minds anyway. Enter KIMONO KULT, who’s initiates include current and ex- members of Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bosnian Rainbows, Swahili Blonde, Le Butcherettes, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Raw Geronimo – all who are adamant that this is not some “all-star” vanity project. In fact, one cannot even SEE Kimono Kult – one can only HEAR Kimono Kult (in theory with the true definition of OCCULT as “something hidden”).

A new project recorded, produced and shot-called by Neurotic Yell CEO and Swahili Blonde mastermind Nicole Turley, Kimono Kult synthesizes all the signature styles and influences from a cream of crop wrecking crew she has at her immediate grasp. Vocally fronted by the untamable Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, Bosnian Rainbows) their debut EP “Hiding In The Light” are four songs of electro/dub/afro-beat/ avant-freak/jazz-like conversations of instrumental ecstasy.

Kimono Kult
Kimono Kult promo collage

So, what do you think this is going to be like? Are you pre-ordering the EP?

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