Foregrow silver vinyl out today!

The Foregrow silver vinyl that appeared on various pre-orders last month is out today, July 22nd. This is great both for those who have not had the chance to chase down the first edition for the Record Store Day in April, but also for collectors, since it’s the first coloured vinyl in JF’s solo discography.

Foregrow cover art

And what is cool is that it’s available on Amoeba, who have it at the most affordable price and are fast with shipping. We recommend them.

No turntable? No problem. There is also Foregrow on CD.

For list of various alternate options, check the previous post on the subject.

For pictures of the regular, first edition vinyl, see below:





* Many thanks to Oliver from AcidTest for the heads-up on Amoeba! ^__^ And many thanks to Agi for having made the last photo unique.

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