John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For Ten Days

To Record Only Water For Ten Days Vinyl Coming soon!

Now, this is wonderful, so brace yourselves: one of the most universally loved albums in John’s discography is finally getting released on vinyl, fifteen years after it saw the light of the day!

To Record Only Water For Ten Days will soon be out on two LPs on Twelve Suns, the very same label that gave us the first official vinyl release of the Brown Bunny soundtrack, a little more than two years ago. Their releases are carefully packed and shipped, of good quality and absolutely and totally worth it.

John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
To Record Only Water For Ten Days

This release is a regular fifteen-track edition – it does not contain the Japanese bonus track, Resolution and it’s not the same master as the Vladimir Meller one used for the CD in 2001 – the album has been mastered for vinyl.

More information coming very, very soon. Watch this space for pre-order information, quantity, photos and whatever else may come our way.

So, are you excited? Tell us why and tell us why you like this album! And yes, the author of this is clearly biased and loves it way too much.

* Many thanks to Nathan from Twelve Suns for his incredible patience, answers and more! If you appreciate what the label is doing, become Twelve Suns’ fan on Facebook.

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  • John Connor

    I am unbelievably excited for this! One of my favorite JF records FINALLY on vinyl! I’ve turned so many people on to Johns music with this album… Can’t wait!!!

  • Frazer Hughes

    Ffffuuuuuccckkkkkyyy|yyyeeesssssshdbchjfjdjdjid. !

    Oh and for anyone not a audio engineering nerd the fact that they aren’t using the old cd master is a good sign that the vinyl pressing will be of high quality, vinyl records bwing pressed from master recordings ment for CD or digital often don’t sound very good on vinyl, particularly the low frequencies on the inner ring songs

  • Ryan Sloan

    this is great news. I feel like this record marked the beginning of all the new songwriting we ended up getting (almost all at once) from John. I remember him saying “I knew I would have to make an album like this” .. I’m paraphrasing and I don’t know exactly what he meant .. unless it was the programming of the drum sequences.
    it’s a great LP! both of these are incredible. this is cool. I hope I manage to get a pressing.
    *thanks Nathan! and thank you invisible movement!

  • SMP

    This was my favorite album off time i was very deppresed & sucicdal when it came out feb 2001 ashamed embaresed disgusted with myself braindead junkie at the time all i need is ahh record player denon stereo system tanoy speakers going inside remain moments have you ive never heard music that good from any other musician except frusciante this album chould save yer life from suiy

  • Brendomc

    Best news ever….!

  • Julianna Horton

    fuck I AM SO EXCITED this is best news I’ve received in a long time , just pre ordered one :~) tempted to preorder another one – and probably will once I come into some more money, just so ill always have a back up one, :)))))

  • VladtheImpala

    Got mine the other day. Pressing quality is great, but the sound quality is not as good as I had hoped. It does sound better than the CD, but it seems that the original recordings were not that great to begin with.

  • Hans W.

    hahaha, I am heavily amused to see a comment by VladtheImpala about “Vlad the Impaler’s” aka Vlado Meller’s superb sound quality :)))))))
    Got my Vinyls yesterday and when I read “Mastered by …” I was shocked. I didn’t expect that guy to appear on one of John’s Vinyls at all.
    I also hoped for better sound quality, but what else to expect from a guy who destroyed the sound Californication and many other albums which deserved better.
    So, yeah, let’s pretend the original recording material was already sort of screwed.. ;)))

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