Pre-order Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s Arañas en La Sombra, get a free track!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s album Arañas en La Sombra is to be released on August 26th on Ipecac, as a part of the musician’s ongoing series of albums. As we hinted earlier, John is one of the musicians featured on this album – together with two former members of The Mars Volta. It is not yet clear on which songs.

You can pre-order the album on bandcamp. It costs $8 and it will be available on the release date, August 26th in a number of formats supported by the platform. Until then, you can listen to the second song, Arcos Del Amor (Archs of Love), which is also available as a download upon pre-order. As stated on Ipecac’s website, a limited number of physical copies (CDs) of all the albums from this series will be available on Rodriguez-Lopez’s various live outings, and, following the initial run of releases, a limited edition CD/LP box set will become available.

You can also be a star and send the album as a gift to whomever you want.

Cover Art

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Arañas en La Sombra cover artwork
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez РAra̱as en La Sombra cover artwork


  1. No Hey Inteligencia
  2. Arcos Del Amor
  3. El Vacio
  4. Piojos Histericos
  5. Un Mar Amargo
  6. Metamorfosis
  7. Extravagants Dientes
  8. Primitivo y Barbaro
  9. Semillas De Hez
  10. Araña El la Sombra
  11. Voluntad de Los Ciegos
  12. Presencia

So, are you going to pre-order Arañas en La Sombra? Are you looking forward to it? Have you listened to Arcos Del Amor?

P.S. In case you have not seen it before – John appears in Omar’s video, but not for a song off this particular release.

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