Evar Records Instagram Posts Two Short Clips Related to Maya

Are these album teasers or something more? The Instagram profile for Evar Records posted a clip today and another two days ago, both associated to the hashtags #planetmu and #maya, indicating that there is something coming soon.

The older video seems like an ordinary animation featuring the MAYA logotype. That does not seem like something unusual.

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…give me a…

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However, the other, more recent one, shows a couple of very interesting visuals – John seen as a shadow through the window and outside in a field, a woman whose eyes contain only the sclera part (commonly indicating blindness in art), as well as a nightscape somewhere in a city, with neon sings in Chinese letters but also some abstract patterns in the sky.

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Coming soon… On #timesig … #maya

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Here are the stills of the said visuals.

What could this be? We have no idea. But stay tuned.

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