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A John & Omar surprise in sight!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez productions have announced on their Myspace blog that a new digital store for all of Omar’s projects has been launched, as well as one for De Facto and one for Zechs Marquise. The files are available in almost all possible formats and as lossless, too; so click on that blog post so as to read instructions on how to download what you prefer.

And, as we all know how much and how often John and Omar collaborated, this news one of the insiders posted on The Comatorium boards sounds REALLY promising:

I can’t wait to tell you all about what’s up next but I’ll give you a hint two very good guitar players one named John and one named Omar only at the RLP Digital store coming soon.

Links, for everyone who’s interested:
Omar Rodriguez Lopez digital store
De Facto digital store
Zechs Marquise digital store

Many thanks to Leo for the heads-up.

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  • T2

    If this will sound anything like “0” and the other song from these two giants it is going to be..
    ..just incredible O.O

  • cub

    An official recording of their Knitting Factory performance would be rad. My minidisc version has been good to me but they were amazing that night!

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