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Once again, Chad Smith on RHCP writing more songs et cetera

RHCP promo photo from 2006The rumours, stories and predictions of what may come out of the announcement that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will start jamming together in October are getting out of control and it’s still only one of the band members who’s speaking…you guessed it, Chad Smith. He has something to say again, this time it’s for MLive.

Smith, who’s played with Grand Rapids native Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers the past 20 years, said that band decided to take a year off after its last tour, but plans to get back together again in October to “start writing some more songs.”

“It re-energizes you, and it’s healthy to do other things and then come back,” Smith said of the Peppers’ hiatus. “It was an important time to just not be and not have Chili Peppers commitments. We wrote, recorded and toured for 10 years straight, and it was time to just live your life, be with your family and travel.”

Smith said the Chili Peppers are all doing “different things,” from Kiedis raising a young son (born in 2007) to Flea studying music theory at the University of Southern California to John Frusciante “making records all day” in his studio.

Many thanks to RHCP Universe for the heads-up, I overlooked this in a pile of almost indentical news.

Disclaimer for those who think this is an “attack on Chad Smith”: the first paragraph is a pun on how mass media reuses stories and rewords them. Nobody hates Chad here, for god’s sake.

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    • Lucy

      Glad it’s not just me having a few cynical thoughts about the possible irony of that comment. Perhaps these records will be unleashed in the same vein as the 2004 collection – if they exist of course.. who knows?

    • Nicky

      I have read/heard that he does just constantly write and records albums worth of stuff,but probably won’t release most,if not all of it. To be fair, considering that’s mainly all he’s been doing, there must be a fair amount of stuff he hasn’t/won’t release.
      also, he could be referring to guest appearances, like on octahedron

  • iza

    JF is always making music that we are never going to hear. he said it before… he does music for me. its peace of mind. all this hoopla is whatever man. he put 2much attention 2it. let it be and when it happens it happens.

    paz (peace for those who dont know)

  • Laura

    Am I the only one who has faith in Chad? If I’m not mistaken, Anthony said how much he enjoyed the live show at MusiCares, and he also mentioned that he was writing music. Sure, Chad is the only one to provide us with the details, but that isn’t so weird since he is the only bandmember in the spotlights because of Chickenfoot. Also I’m sure the other members wouldn’t tolerate him speading untrue stories over and over again. I think we have reason to be optimistic 🙂

    • Iva

      I actually 100% agree with the part about having faith in Chad, also knowing that some people spoke to him at recent Chickenfoot shows around the continent… but since mass-media has been overusing and overciting everything he’s said in the last two years, the whole thing sounds unbelievable to many by the nature of its presentation and the number of times it was presented.

      And that’s what they want: frenzy, disbelief and hype – if this site experiences 35% more traffic each time one of those Chad blurbs is discussed (I didn’t notice that until last week – it was a bizzare discovery), even when it’s extremely vague, I bet that famous publications get 200% more traffic…and, unlike this site, they make money out of that: banner impressions, clickthroughs, discussions spreading through all their social networks and prompting people to visit their site.

      So, we get frenzy, arguments, the band gets more attention than they should based on the nature of the news itself, mass-media gets attention and money.

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