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Michael Rother would love to play live with John again

Rother, Frusciante and Flea in 2007 - photo by Roberta AccettulliIn an interview given to the Brisbane-based free newspaper, Rave, German virtuoso Michael Rother has stated that he’s considering performing live again and that he’s contacted some of his friends…very interesting friends, that is.

“Next year I hope to perform live again. I will focus on performing solo and intend to present my favourite NEU! and Harmonia music and tracks from my solo albums live. I’ve already contacted some of my favourite musician friends, such as John Frusciante, Benjamin Curtis, Josh Klinghoffer and Flea and it’s great to see that all are just as enthusiastic about this project as I am”.

If your memory’s short, if you’re new to all this, please check out these AWESOME photos taken on occasions when mr. Rother would join RHCP onstage or perform with John and Josh at experimental shows.

04th August 2004
05th August 2007
01st July 2007

You can also listen to John, Flea, Michael Rother and Chad jamming with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in 2003 – the file’s downloadable on this page.

Michael Rother joining RHCP (with Josh Klinghoffer) for an outro jam in Hamburg 2007

Michael Rother with John and Josh in Los Angeles in 2004, including an interview

Both videos are originally from Invisible Movement’s video archive, discussed here and here.

Many thanks to Mark for this news.

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