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Once again, Chad Smith on RHCP writing more songs et cetera

RHCP promo photo from 2006The rumours, stories and predictions of what may come out of the announcement that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will start jamming together in October are getting out of control and it’s still only one of the band members who’s speaking…you guessed it, Chad Smith. He has something to say again, this time it’s for MLive.

Smith, who’s played with Grand Rapids native Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers the past 20 years, said that band decided to take a year off after its last tour, but plans to get back together again in October to “start writing some more songs.”

“It re-energizes you, and it’s healthy to do other things and then come back,” Smith said of the Peppers’ hiatus. “It was an important time to just not be and not have Chili Peppers commitments. We wrote, recorded and toured for 10 years straight, and it was time to just live your life, be with your family and travel.”

Smith said the Chili Peppers are all doing “different things,” from Kiedis raising a young son (born in 2007) to Flea studying music theory at the University of Southern California to John Frusciante “making records all day” in his studio.

Many thanks to RHCP Universe for the heads-up, I overlooked this in a pile of almost indentical news.

Disclaimer for those who think this is an “attack on Chad Smith”: the first paragraph is a pun on how mass media reuses stories and rewords them. Nobody hates Chad here, for god’s sake.

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