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FINALLY! Speed Dealer Moms’ 12″ available for pre-order!

Ever since Speed Dealer Mom's first show was announced and their mysterios Myspace page was put up, the band that nobody's actually heard but everyone knew would be awesome drew quite a lot of attention. They scheduled an appearance at the 2009 Bang Face Weekender on the not-so-fitting date of 26th April and their music machinery failed. They rescheduled the appearance for then-upcoming Bang Fest in August that year and it was canceled. From then on, we only had sporadic word-of-mouth news about them. But the sweet wait is finally over! ^_^

Speed Dealer Moms - 12" cover art

Speed Dealer Moms - 12" cover art

The retailer just informed me (yup, it literally happened that way!) that the FIRST SPEED DEALER MOMS TWELVE INCH RECORD IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! It contains two songs, both likely referring to the dates they were recorded or the month they were recorded:

Here's what Aaron Funk/Venetian Snares has to say about it.

We each come in with many drum machines, synths, modulars, fx, mixers etc. Our process is based on listening to each other's programming as we go, and reacting to that as we each program our own parts. Playing off each other in every stage as we write. We record live to stereo and as a rule with these, there are no overdubs and no edits. We don't know who will drop which of our many parts over what other parts which makes it a really exciting way to jam out a piece of music. This can result in drastically different versions of the same track.

These two tracks were recorded back to back during a Speed Dealer Moms session in early 2010. We noticed that we kept listening to these in the order we had recorded them as though they were already a 12 inch. This is how our first Speed Dealer Moms release accidentally came to be. Speed Dealer Moms is John Frusciante, Aaron Funk and Chris McDonald with many cats.

You can preview and pre-order the single already, as a physical release, mp3 of wav. It works for almost all the world, though a couple of south European ones are missing, as per usual.

So, now we have learnt that Speed Dealer Moms are actually a three-piece, as far as humans and not meow meows are concerned; and that this is only their latest material. For those who don't remember, John and Aaron have been recording music from at least as long as August 2008.

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23 Reactions to FINALLY! Speed Dealer Moms’ 12″ available for pre-order!

  1. orangevarld says:

    Good news because it ends a long-awaited period. We finally can hear what it sounds like. But in my opinion, it's not so great.

    • KxWaal says:

      I think it's pretty fucking awesome, myself.
      Are you just not into the genre of music? The tracks themselves are beautiful, complex and challenging.
      My gf was always a huge Frusciante fan - I always thought the RHCP were alright, but she's been getting me into his solo stuff now and I really dig it.
      I'm a longtime Venetian Snares fan, and my base is more in electronic music in general.
      It's cool because now me and her have something we can collectively freak out about together.

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  3. CMD313 says:

    This is wonderful! Intelligent work, pure arts...

    ...which is why peoples won't get it. They're used to mainstream.

    • Corey says:

      Listen buddy, I don't mean to sounds hostile or anything of that sort, but plenty of people (myself included) don't like it for much more than the fact that it isn't "mainstream".

      Quite frankly I think it's uninteresting and the although you can tell the Venetian Snare influence it, I don't think it comes out sounding so great here.

      I can't wait for a new John album, I'm sure he's recorded a million songs in the last 2 years.

  4. Lucy says:

    Well I like it, though it reminds me what we missed out at both Bang Face and Bang Fest. Much better than that cliched material we were starting to get on Stadium Arcadium. I'd rather have this than 'Tell Me Baby' or 'Charlie' anyday.

  5. SkylinGTR26 says:

    this is great. you can tell its the venetian snares. Thats the thing about analog electronic artists. They all have their own unique setups and that way they truely get their own sound. I love this, i wanna mix both of those songs into 1 and just listen to it over and over. Obviously heavily influenced by Autechre and the venetian snares. Beautiful music.

  6. Aimak says:

    I wasnt sure if i loved it at first, but if you close your eyes and put it on real loud its pretty cool and physcadelic.
    Does anyone know if you can pre-order it anywhere else as it says its out of stock on the planet mu records? Still John continues to impress us all with beautiful music.

  7. Helly says:

    It's now listed as Pre-Order again...

  8. Jeff the destroyer says:

    "analog electronic artists"

    There isn't anything analog about the equipment they use dude.

    • Lols says:

      Lol Jeff, if only you knew what their setup was, this statement is so stupid.

    • Iva says:

      Have you actually looked at the photographs of their equipment? It's all analog. Don't underestimate people who need to understand both music and the laws of some really complicated branches of physics to bring you something awesome to dance to. That's like cleaning a skyscraper made of glass with a toothbrush - impressive and sounding almost impossible.

  9. Dan says:

    These are just previews of the tracks though right..? i'm assuming in full guise the two songs will go on forever and ever...I can't wait

  10. Iva says:

    HI Dan, yes. I believe the full tracks are about 6-7 minutes long each.
    My recent post Pecanje u zvezdama - Fishing In The Stars

  11. asa says:

    Can't wait for this!! Preorder for vinyl - DONE!

  12. Jeff the destroyer says:

    Dude... the 909, 303 etc are only partially analog. I've seen the same pictures as you and it all seems to be based in the digital world to me. Get off his cock and open your eyes.

    • Iva says:

      I was not attacking you or anything and you responded in a way that's very offensive to my gender.
      Also, such words are not commonly used in this place, please keep that in mind. I'm sure we can all be nice to each other on here.

  13. Janis says:

    happy for john somehow ! yea we have contact again to his new work !

  14. Sam says:

    I think he meant the fact that its not computer programed more than anything! anyway most of the gear they use has the analogue retro sound to it!

    I think people criticise things way too early; especially seeing as these are just previews....
    Also the whole mainstream debate is a load of self absorbed crap coming from both sides! either it's good music or its not.

    It's really annoying when people think their music's more worthy cause it's "underground" as much as if somethings sold millions of copies!

    I think it sounds great!

  15. Tom says:

    i'm not sure i like this. i want to like it. but i'm not sure i do.

  16. Enthusta says:

    Are you able to please send me a mail. I truly like your design.

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