Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink
Swahili Blonde

More new Swahili Blonde songs featuring John on guitar

While the release of the project’s second full-length has been pushed for 02nd October 2011 (which is…a Sunday?), Nicole Turley’s Swahili Blonde continues rolling out tracks on the Internet, more precisely on the Band Camp profile. They’re fresh, summery, yet spiced with a rather high dose of psychedelia and jungle.

Next to John on guitar and Nicole on most of the instruments as well as the regular collaborator Laena on violin, there’s saxophone on all tracks, played by Brad Caulkins.

*Thank you, Some Kind of Awesome, for the news.



  • Sebastião

    I love John's music. Solo, with the Chili Peppers, with The Mars Volta, with Josh Klinghoffer, with Dave Gahan and etc, etc, etc.

    But, to me, Swahili Blonde is PURE SHIT. Sorry.

  • franco

    Son muy buenos!, todo es raro y me encanta, creo que la manera de componer música es genial!

  • boddah

    those 2 tracks are really cool, it just gets better.
    but whatever happened to this john taylor guy or what was his name. is he "not a part of the project anymore"?

  • orangevarld

    Weird as usual… I don't like.
    BUT I love the refrain from Scoundrel Days, it's astonishingly pop, and maybe this is why I love it.

  • Minna

    I am swimming in a clear blue ocean now… To the water I jumped from a boat called Etoile de mer… 🙂

  • i-can't-wait

    The Scoundrel Days was the only song that i really liked, but it's a cover… For me, rest of songs are really bad… I want something new from solo work of Frusciante! His solo albums are just amaizing, and, for me it's getting better and better. The Empyrean is something more than a just music… So i can't wait to hear some new stuff from him. I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting… Well, there's nothing i can do so i'm just waiting:) I Hope he is going to recording new album soon;)

  • mea

    Sup guys? Open your minds a bit. This music is good, definitely better than the last couple of RHCP albums. Don't be boring.

    • bibi

      well i just hope John will wake up from that dream,and send her …I was comfortable wwith his ex girlfriend,but I dont know I cant stand her

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