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  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink out today

    Swahili Blonde’s second album, Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink is out today, albeit only in physical form. The streams are not available for download, for an unknown reason. There are copies left, so go and order it on Swahili Blonde’s BandCamp page. And check out their other online outlets for shows, if you’re interested in seeing them live. For your reference, another person plays guitar as a part of their live set.

  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    Psycho Ballet Tropical Pink CD and LE vinyl available for pre-order

    Swahili Blonde’s Psycho Ballet Tropical Pink has its release date pushed once again, to the 15th of November 2011. However, the good news is that you can now pre-order the mp3s, the CD and one of the 1000 copies of the coloured vinyl LP. As said before, John’s considered to be the project’s guest musician in the studio and he’s playing guitar on all tracks. The limited edition of the vinyl comes with a free download access to bonus remixes of Etoile De Mer (done by Secret Circuit) and The Golden Corale, featuring Viv Albertine (done Vagenda). The regular album consists of six tracks, one of which is a cover…

  • New Swahili Blonde music video, Purple Ink

    In anticipation of the project’s second album, Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink, the happy tribe of Swahili Blonde teamed up with the director Burke Roberts to create another dizzy video for the song Purple Ink. Los Angeles times have covered this and added their own commentary: You know that piece of commencement advice so frequently passed on to high-school graduates — say yes to everything? That’s essentially the M.O. of “Purple Ink,” the new single from the L.A. afro-dub-postpunk, etc. entity Swahili Blonde, fronted by Nicole Turley and a large cast of collaborators (including Turley’s husband and label co-owner, ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante). It’s off the band’s forthcoming second…

  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    New Swahili Blonde album on 31st October, John’s on all tracks

    Swahili Blonde’s second album, Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink is set for 31st October release, rather than 02nd October like it was originally announced. Five tracks have been posted to the project’s Bandcamp website so far. The album, unlike the previous one, will be released through Nicole Turley’s newly-founded

  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    More new Swahili Blonde songs featuring John on guitar

    While the release of the project’s second full-length has been pushed for 02nd October 2011 (which is…a Sunday?), Nicole Turley’s Swahili Blonde continues rolling out tracks on the Internet, more precisely on the Band Camp profile. They’re fresh, summery, yet spiced with a rather high dose of psychedelia and jungle. Next to John on guitar and Nicole on most of the instruments as well as the regular collaborator Laena on violin, there’s saxophone on all tracks, played by Brad Caulkins. Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink by Swahili Blonde *Thank you, Some Kind of Awesome, for the news.

  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    John on new Swahili Blonde song, Etoile De Mer

    Swahili Blonde camp is apparently working on a new album titled Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink, which is set for release sometime in August this year. The first track, Etoile De Mer (that’s starfish in French) has just been posted onto their Bandcamp page and it has a very, very summer cocktail tropical beach vibe to it. John’s contributed a guitar to it, to our great pleasure, despite not being a band member anymore. Have a listen and enjoy it, by all means. Etoile De Mer by Swahili Blonde *Many thanks to Travis for news – that’s why Invisible Movement had it first.

  • Swahili Blonde - Nicole and keyboards

    Mentions of John in a Swahili Blonde interview

    In an interview for Japanese magazine Loud, Nicole Turley talked a lot about her project Swahili Blonde and the creation process behind songs, which is certainly interesting, as it was only Omar Rodriguez Lopez who previously shared what his creative process of working with John looked like. Were most of the songs written and recorded by yourself, and then you had the guest musicians come in and play? How did each guest musicians come about contributing to this project? (ie, John Taylor (Duran Duran),John Frusciante,Laena Myers-Ionita (The Like), Stella Mozgawa (WarPaint),Michael Quinn (Corridor) (Part omitted) I would record all my instrumentation for the song first, do a rough mix, and…

  • Listen to a previously unreleased Swahili Blonde track featuring John

    Looks like we didn’t have to wait that long for the new Swahili Blonde tracks and two remixes mentioned earlier this month. They’re now available for listening/streaming (though not for downloading) on the project’s BandCamp Page. The release date for the actual album containing these bonus tracks is the 10th October and there’s still no mention of the band on the page of the Japanese cult label, P-Vine. Man Meat/ Bonus Tracks_japan release by Swahili Blonde John is indeed listed as the guitarist on the first song, the cover of Bauhaus’ Watch That Grandad Go, which implies it was recorded before…whenever is it that he left this particular band. It’s…

  • Japanese edition of Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat to include remixes

    For all of you who have enjoyed videos from Swahili Blonde’s debut show featuring John on guitar during one song, especially those who are wondering when the heck will the team behind the DVD work on the god damned thing; here’s some nice news. I think that people who are imagining Speed Dealer Moms’ music will like the news as well. This has been posted by Nicole Turley on Swahili Blonde’s Facebook page: FYI… Man Meat has been picked up for a Japanese release by P-Vine Records. The Japanese release will include a bonus track and 2 remixes. Bonus track: Watch That Grandad Go (a Bauhaus cover). Remixes: LeMampatee by…

  • Confirmation: John definitely not in Swahili Blonde anymore

    While it’s certainly a bit upsetting the story with the unofficial first-hand comment got the attention of mainstream media who are in it for presumably different reasons – as well as some upsetting comments – it sure is a breath of fresh air to get a confirmation that John indeed is not a member of Swahili Blonde and that, despite some people saying otherwise, he was the project’s member beforehand. After the above story and the

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