Site updates’s donation rally 2011

’tis that time of the year again – as every 14 months, Invisible Movement needs your help to cover its hosting costs. It’s been so since 2006 – the contributors, friends of the site & I provide the content, news, archived information et cetera and the visitors and fans provide the buck. So, I’m asking you to spare a dime for another 14 trouble-free months of this website.

What will the money be used for? As usual, site’s hosting costs and message board hosting, as they’re not hosted on the same server, yet they’re both resource hogs. Any funds that exceed the required amount will be used for random giveaways, to pay the material/commute costs for people who’d film events, if any events come up and similar site-related things. You can donate in a currency of your choice, but remember the difference.

Donators of the past have been listed on this page. Once I have a list of all 2010 ones, they’ll be there, too. <3 If you're a Paypal user, please use the button bellow to send the donations to my friend Jason who runs (an awesome RHCP archive site!), and he’ll forward them to my hosting account. Any amount is OK, in past there have been donations as small as 1.50$ and as big as 120$.

Alternative solutions
If you’re a Moneybookers user, send the donations to and I’ll transfer them to the hosting company’s funds…thing.

If you’re from Serbia, contact me so I can give you the “tekući račun” you can directly send a payment to. Plain 500 din would be absolutely super.

Every person who donates will be listed in the hall of fame on the donations’ page and you never know what else might happen – during the holiday season I sent greeting cards to all 2010 donators.

Thanks in advance!