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Bob and the Monster to be released on DVD in September

Bob and the Monster, the critically acclaimed documentary on Bob Forrest's road to hell and back, covering his life and career, will be available on DVD and digital in the USA on September the 3rd. Finally!

For those of you who have jumped on the bandwagon only recently, John was interviewed for this film. For those of you who are even more clueless, that very man discovered John before the Red Hot Chili Peppers did.

Here's the official announcement from the film's Facebook page:

Guess what Monsters?! That's right. We have a release date! Bob and The Monster will be released and available in the US on September 3rd, 2013. In order to make the wait more tolerable, we'll be building toward the release with lots of fun giveaways and video messages from Bob so stay tuned and if your feeling generous, help us spread the word by sharing our page and inviting your friends. Have a great day and as always, Bobspeed!

Here's one of the clips of John from the film, where he's talking about Bob Forrest:

You can have a look at two more clips of John from the film in a news item from two years ago. More information on this DVD release coming soon.

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  • FINALLY! Very pleased.

  • OMG, cant wait for this!! love all these guys so much!

  • I will take drugs to meet Bob and Dr. Drew!! It will be easy to kick, but will meet the discoverer of our Guitar Wizard from Space Mountain and say, YES!!!!!!!!

  • i have to watch all dvd's and those videos are awesome and helpful while such kind of videos are perfect for education.