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Kimono Kult to release Hiding In The Light EP on March 04th

Kimono Kult - Hiding In The Light

Kimono Kult – Hiding In The Light cover image

Kimono Kult -a Los Angeles-based new group, featuring Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Teri Gender Bender, John, Nicole Turley, Dante White and Laena Geronimo is set to release their first digital EP on Neurotic Yell Records, on the 04th of March 2014.

Teri Gender Bender handles the lyrics writing and vocal duties, the rest of the team play various instruments and the EP was produced by Nicole Turley. See below for more information on who exactly plays what.

Track Listing

  1. Todo Menos El Dolor
  2. Las Esposas
  3. La Vida Es Una Caja Hermosa
  4. La Cancion De Alejandra

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – guitar, synths, strings
Teri Gender Bender – vocals, guitar, lyrics
John Frusciante – guitar
Nicole Turley – drum machine, bass, synths, trumpets, backing vocals, recording, mixing, production, mastering
Dante White-Aliano – guitar, synths
Laena Geronimo – bass, violin, trumpets

You cannot listen to it as of now, but you can pre-order-it for $5 or more and support the band; and read the below press release to get an idea of what it might sound like.

The hazy horizon of Los Angeles. Since it iproves perpetually unpredictable, it is not odd when one finds their co-conspirators in disparate locales, often smoothing out the vague and jagged status quos that are only a figment of our own minds anyway. Enter KIMONO KULT, who’s initiates include current and ex- members of Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bosnian Rainbows, Swahili Blonde, Le Butcherettes, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Raw Geronimo – all who are adamant that this is not some “all-star” vanity project. In fact, one cannot even SEE Kimono Kult – one can only HEAR Kimono Kult (in theory with the true definition of OCCULT as “something hidden”).

A new project recorded, produced and shot-called by Neurotic Yell CEO and Swahili Blonde mastermind Nicole Turley, Kimono Kult synthesizes all the signature styles and influences from a cream of crop wrecking crew she has at her immediate grasp. Vocally fronted by the untamable Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, Bosnian Rainbows) their debut EP “Hiding In The Light” are four songs of electro/dub/afro-beat/ avant-freak/jazz-like conversations of instrumental ecstasy.

Kimono Kult
Kimono Kult promo collage

So, what do you think this is going to be like? Are you pre-ordering the EP?



  • JoSeM

    Can't wait. It sounds interesting.
    Will pre-order and donate while I am at it.
    Thanks for your services Iva.
    Hope to meet you one day. B)

    Any news on whether album will be available on compact disc?

  • Shai

    What is happening to John? I try to understand his new music but he's the maker of such great music, that all of his new music is just degrading. Letur Lefr had great promise i actually liked that album a lot and saw incredible potential for PBX but it flopped. Nicole does make good music when she's in Swahili Blonde and i like the Amanda Jo Williams album they both worked on, but her style does not mesh well with her husbands. It feels very forced. I have all JF's albums and i'll always support him but i just don't like his music as much anymore. Niandra was a masterpiece considering it has weird stuff going on, and even Smile for the streets you hold was good considering John has even said he don't like it. He sings really well but lately his singing is pure screams and making his voice sound weird. Don't think I'm trying to express negativity on him, but musically i don't get him anymore.

    • Victor S

      I hear what your saying. I my guess is that he just appears on this album to help its movement. But he doesn't seem to have much involvement in it. I personally don't like this album. I think it has a unique and creative approach to Spanish singing. Something that should be explored more. But other than that, not for me. I love the Black Knights album. It's like something I've never heard before. He's the maestro

      • Shai

        At first i wasn't giving a fair chance to the medieval chamber, but i heard it several times now and i really like it. The note progression is fun in it.
        The Outsides ep was good too. I often skip song 2, but Shelf is a great song. I like that he lets you listen to the noises he will then use with a beat to create a melody.

  • Craig

    The occult comment makes it sound like this band definitely won't play live probably cause John is so against it. I'm a bit over Teri Gender Bender I'd much prefer Cedric or Ximena. I'd say I'm more excited for the Black Knights album than this. This will definitely just be Bosnian Rainbows mixed with Omar's solo albums.

    • alex

      ''This will definitely just be Bosnian Rainbows mixed with Omar's solo albums.''

      where is the bad??
      it sounds interesting to me 🙂

    • Victor S

      I wouldn't trust this too much. I doubt john would up and change his whole music style at the current moment to go back to performing for people in about 2 weeks. Just doesn't make sense. Don't give your info, could be a scam.

  • Andrew

    If Ataxia is on tour it has to be with JF. If anyone knows, please post. My ass is packing up the car and headed west for both shows from NY if that's the case.

  • ButtHurtByBadMusic

    Reads News:

    ""Yes! John is back on guitar!!""

    Listens to previews:

    "Damn, he is still making unlistenable crap that appeals to about 7-8 people that pretend to like it, but actually don't". high school band was better than this AND the singer had a cleft palate(if that tells you anything).

    As my ex- would say to me after a bad fart "Fool, you done lost your damn mind if you think dis shit smells good". Stinks.

  • Cameron

    Outsides was great, and what I've heard of Medieval Chamber also sounds good; but the previews to this sound little more than a contrived, highfalutin mess.

  • Mr. Personality

    This is crap. Does it really take that many people to make such horrible music? John, Omar snap out of it guys…dont lend your name to this vomit. Medieval Chamber is a true gem…so this rubbish can come and go. The Frusciane brand name is still good in my book ….but the Turley brand….oh my no thanks…thats a stock thats bound for a bust.

  • Sarlacc Fetish

    I'm keeping an open mind and loving most of what I'm hearing. John's new projects are really separating the fans from the fanboys!

  • L-sun

    I don't get why everyone is getting so mad about his new direction. This is coming from a guy who said David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix will always be at the heart of what he does and said literally 6 months ago that he was never going to be in a band again. It's only going to be a matter of time before he gets sick of what he's doing and goes back to something that will likely connect with more people again.

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