Black Knights instrumental mixes now on John’s Soundcloud

The instrumental tracks for the Black Knights’ 2015 album Almighty have been posted to John’s SoundCloud. Just in time for the album’s first anniversary!

You can download the instrumentals in lossless and uncompressed format or listen to them through the Soundcloud player, wherever you are. The tracks are also available on John’s bandcamp in a variety of formats.


  1. The Truth inst
  2. Hood Liberator inst
  3. World Renowned inst
  4. New Day inst
  5. Understanding inst
  6. Roundtable Discussion inst
  7. Ahead of My Time inst
  8. Darts of War inst
  9. Non-Believers inst
  10. Reptables inst
  11. Highrising inst
  12. Techniques & Shockwaves inst
  13. Hard to Be inst
  14. Finish Line inst
  15. The Almighty inst

The songs have been listed in the same order as on the playlist and on the regular edition of The Almighty. The tracks do contain samples used on the album, as well as backing vocals; but the sung part of Reptables has been omitted. The instrumentals for the Japanese bonus tracks have been made available long ago.



The Black Knights - The Almighty instrumental mixes artwork - click to enlarge
The Black Knights – The Almighty instrumental mixes artwork – click to enlarge

No credits, so far.

Enjoy the wonderful free music, everybody – and make sure you say something nice if you did. ^_^

* Many thanks to TL_ who spotted this.

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