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John’s Trickfinger II coming in September

As per Resident Advisor, John’s second release as Trickfinger will be out September 08th on AcidTest. This music was not meant to be released, but some persuading helped. The music has been recorded at the same time as the one that ended up on the first Trickfinger release in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:
Like its predecessor, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist recorded the music for Trickfinger II back in 2007. Using a fleet of hardware synths and drum machines, the six-track LP was recorded directly to a CD burner via a cheap mixer with no overdubs. The music was never intended for release but Frusciante eventually agreed to publish the recordings on Oliver Bristow’s Acid Test, which has been home to the likes of Donato Dozzy, Recondite and Tin Man. Trickfinger II will be available on vinyl and CD and as a digital download.

Cover image

A1 Shift Sync
A2 Ruche
A3 Exclam
B1 Hasan
B2 Cuh
B3 Stall

Exclam found its way to this album, having been removed from the early tracklisting of the first one.

Watch this space for a pre-order link!

*Many thanks to MOOG for the cover image from the distributor’s page.