Chad Smith's instagram video, November 2020
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chad Smith’s Video from studio Shangri-La Shows that RHCP Recording Sessions are in Full Swing…

Chad Smith posted a new video to his Instagram and fans in comments were quick to recognise that it’s, once again, from Rick Rubin’s studio Shangri-La and that the instruments in question are not just his drums, but also some of John’s both new and legendary pedals and effects. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it type of a thing, but apparently enough.

Exciting times, once again, since Flea’s video where only the decoration in the studio was visible pretty much got a whole hype machine going.

People from John Frusciante Effects (site is in Brazilian Portuguese) identified some of them and left some of the others as a possibility. If you’re interested in speculating further, go over there or just leave a comment.

– Ibanez WH-10 (the one with blue/green detail – V1 Black or V3)
– TC Electronic Mojo Mojo Overdrive (?)
– Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive (?)
– MXR Micro Amp
– Boss (clear – AW, FZ, DD, NS)
– Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
– MXR Dyna Comp Mini (?)
– Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

Here are some screencaps, too.

So, if you are excited, whether you are a gearhead or not, clap your hands. 🙂