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Vpro documentary on RHCP, then and now

(as posted by pepperina on the official BBS)

On 28th June 2007, Dutch channel 3 has shown a documentary made by Bram van Splunteren who also made the legendary documentary about John, and who did a lot of interviews and visits with the Peppers in their early years. It’s a great thing to watch, so here you go:

Watch it at this URL!

I am trying to find it and extract the interesting bits for you.

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  • kathy

    Nice job this was really great to watch. Thank you for all your hard putting this sight together.I think yours is one of the best out there.

  • Greg

    Thank you so much for the video. It only made me appreciate everything the band has been through and love John as a person more. I mean, I’ve watched every interview I possibly can and every time it’s something knew that only adds to the magnificent beauty of their music.

    At the point where they show John at his house during the 90s and he states that he loves shooting up, I cried a bit because you can hear the pain of it all in his voice and songs he played for the camera, I’m just so glad he’s past that point and that the whole band has grown and their music matured.

    Sorry for the rant, this site is amazing and I’m so happy that you update it frequently. I’d love to become a part of it as I signed up on the forums but it’s still waiting approval.

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