Swahili Blonde

Swahili Blonde’s single to be digitally released on 14th December

Swahili Blonde - Elixor FixorHere’s something to spice up the boring week, for everyone who’s interested in experimental music, afro-beats and, of course, everything John Frusciante is taking a part in.

Swahili Blonde‘s first single, Elixor Fixor, will be released digitally on iTunes on 14th December 2009. A physical 7″ single will be out in very limited format (600 copies) in late January. As you all known, next to the multi-instrumentalist Nicole Turley, the leading persona of the project, there’s Laena Myers-Ionita on violin and John on guitar (the production sounds really familiar, too…).

As far as the “Man Meat” CD and 12″ go, they will be out in April 2010. Members of the Like and other very special guests will also be involved on the record.

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Many thanks to Manimal Vinyl for letting I-M.net know more as soon as it was possible and for being so polite. ^_^

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