Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chad Smith mentions John’s departure for the first time in an interview

In a recent interview to a Pittsburgh radio station, 105.9 The X, mostly related to Chickenfoot, Chad Smith openly spoke about John’s departure from the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the first time; after months of interviews that could’ve been understood in a couple of different ways. It appears that the band supports the decision, which is nice.

NA: I hear the lineup has changed. Any chance you can comment on that?

CS: Well, you could say that, we have a new guitarist who is one of the most talented musicians I’ve come to know; and as a group we are taking steps I never thought we’d be taking and it’s awesome.

NA: So, john isn’t with the band anymore?

CS: John will always be with the band but right now he is just a busy man. John is and always will be about the music. I love John and I’m happy he is doing what he wants.

*Thanks to “burrito” who posted the partial transcript here and to AnÄ‘elka for the heads-up.

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