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The David Bowie tribute album is available for pre-order

Repetition - A Tribute To David BowieManimal have just announced that their David Bowie tribute album, Repetition, is now available for pre-order. The album features versions of Bowie’s songs done by the label’s own artists as well as some prominent musicians, such as Duran Duran and Carla Bruni. All the earnings from internet orders will be donated to War Child, though this is – just to clarify – not a project done in cooperation with the aforementioned charity.

The double CD album can be ordered only by PayPal for now and the link to do so is on the label’s catalog page. The cover “art” is supplied with this post and you can enlarge it to see the details. Track listing hasn’t been finalised yet. If you’re still puzzled, the album features a cover of Bowie’s Red Money, done by Swahili Blonde, and John provides guitar and backing vocals on the track.

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