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Official Red Hot Chili Peppers book to be released in October

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History: photo of John Frusciante from the wrap-around jacketThere have been talks about an official Red Hot Chili Peppers’ biography written by all the band members for quite a long time (as far as news go, Flea did mention it as some point in 2008 or 2009…hope someone has a link for this non-follower so as to have it included in this post?) and it’s finally known what’s its name and when it will be published. It’s going to be their first authorised biography, it will contain over 200 photos that were supposedly never seen before and details on the band members’ lives outside the band. Thankfully, there will be a lot about their inspiration and recording process as well.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History is set to be published on 26th October 2010 by Harper-Collins and here’s how the publishers describe it:

For the first time ever, Red Hot Chili Peppers will reveal both their personal stories and the history of band, giving readers a glimpse of: what inspires them creatively, how they came together, the recording process, and never-before-revealed details of their lives outside the band.

It is already possible to pre-order the book and get 33% off, which is pretty good as it appears to be a pricey one otherwise.

Click the thumbnail for this news item to see a photo of John from the wrap-around jacket and there’s also two photos and some excerpts from the book written by John and Flea on the image below (once you save it to your computer, its dimensions will be much larger than in the preview).
The Red Hot Chili Peppers: An Oral/Visual History: photo of John Frusciante from an extra spread and some text from the book

Here’s John’s quite on quitting the band for the first time in May 1992:

I was 18 when I joined the band. I was totally off balance. When I quit I was 22 and I just thought everything’s over. I needed time to do absolutely nothing – time to have no responsibilities other than to experience life. The resentment I built up against Anthony is real personal stuff. Honestly, I think in his soul he really wanted me to be exactly what I am, but he has certain needs from people that even he has no explanations for.

You can also download the whole wrap-around jacket and download the additional preview panel as well.

Feel free to read read even more about the book On Harper-Collins’ website, but it’s pretty manipulatively written, in that “buy me, buy me, buy meeeee” way, so you’ve been warned.

Many thanks to RHCP Universe for the news.

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  • Vickie

    I think this is just another sign they're done. They'll tell it all (or whatever "all" means for them), pick together an album with the new guy, have a farewell tour and call it quits. The new guy gets the exposure to never lack anything again in his life, Flea and Smith can work with other musicians, Frusciante is pretty much doing that already. Let's hope he actually tours again at some point, would love to see him, he's always been the only interesting thing about what would otherwise be a no-compromise machinery surrounded by people with obsolete marketing, too much ego and manipulative minds). Those "last time" drums Henky Penky made for Smith, Frusciante's departure, yet band appearing to go on…all of those things are hints that they will be done.

    Nice photos of Frusciante, by the way, but I think only the small one in the middle of the preview page is "never before seen". But what puzzles me most is this "author appearance in New York", mentioned on the book info page, 3rd tab. What is it? Are they all going to be there? Just Kiedis an Flea? Kiedis, Smith and Flea? The "new" band?

    Nice website you peeps have here, too. I was fed up with ignorance, amateurism and egos on the official Red Hot Chili Peppers forum, so glad I came here. And the articles are actually well-written and not concerning who dates who, who is on drugs and who was seen where.

    • Sue

      What do you mean about the ' "last time" drums Henky Penky made for Smith'? I haven't heard about that before.

    • Shade

      I think you're staring into this a bit too long; I don't think it's quite necessary to make such assumptions. A book could just as easily be interperted as a show of continued interest, as would a drumkit makeover (And really? A drumkit makeover a sign of The End? That's /silly/.)

      "The New Guy", or Josh Klinghoffer as I prefer to call him, is a very succesful musician who doesn't really need to be established in such a sense. More importantly, it'd be a strange move to plan to quit when moving on with a new guitarist. Getting Josh onboard is more likely to indicate that they don't think about quitting at all yet.

      And actually, I wouldn't be at all surprised if John would find himself in the RHCP picture again in the future, though I could live with it if he didn't. He's bound to release more great music either way.

  • Nicola Gaunt

    This… made my day completely.

    And I was having a shocker of a day before I read this post.

    Suddenly life is nice to me again…

    • Xpld

      Agree. That's the great thing about these guys and the reason why we all love them so much.
      "We are the ones that will make you feel better."

  • chels

    Yay, just put through my pre-order…bring on October. Can't wait to read it. From the excerpt you posted it sounds like all the guys were very candid 🙂

  • Ben Rowell

    I've already read 'This Velvet Glove' & 'Scar Tissue'

    But this look totally amazing. Finally! 🙂

  • qwertz804

    Wow, this really looks not like a cheap book, but like a very serious and well-made one. I'm sure gonna buy it, thanks a lot for this information. Amazing!!! 😀

  • Colin Campbell

    Who is that with John in the small red picture? Is that his ma Gail? If it is, this is like the first time I've ever seen a RHCP mom who's not Peggy and Pat.

  • BIG Joe

    I'm from Argentina. And I can't find that book here. Somebody can be so kind to try to see how I can have it. Please

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