Q magazine, February 2011
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Top 250 albums of Q’s Lifetime – RHCP’s “Californication” listed

In the upcoming, February 2011 issue of British Q Magazine, which is at the moment available solely to its subscribers and set to hit the news stands on 31st December, there’s a list of 250 best albums published in Q’s lifetime, as voted by its readers.

The magazine was first published late in 1986, therefore having witnessed roughly 24 years of great music, good music, bad music and, well, awful music. Their list appears to be more realistic than XFM’s Top 1000 Songs Of All Time, so picking this up would be a logical recommendation.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 comeback album, Californication is on the list and there’s a lengthy article, accompanied by a photo from the same session as the one used in the same magazine years ago.

UPDATE: 10th January 2011: Here are the scans – many thanks to Lucy!
You can view each image separately by clicking on the thumbnail, or view the entire album here.


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