Hear the preview of Foregrow EP!

Interested to hear the tracks on the Foregrow EP, previously announced as coming up on April 16th?

Juno Records have previews of all four tracks and you can hear them using the below player, stream them directly to your digital jukebox through or embed them elsewhere. This confirms the prior assumption that this Foregrow is definitely the same track heard in The Man With The Iron Fists.

In addition to this, it appears that the front cover of the CD/LP features only the abstract shapes and that the image we have seen earlier this week is actually the back cover.

Foregrow cover art
Foregrow cover art

The cover art was done by Sarah Sitkin – who did the cover collage for The Empyrean and Aura T-09 who is responsible for the artwork of the November 2015 releases. The compilation was mastered by Stefan Betke of Scape Mastering.

Foregrow will be available as both Record Store Day vinyl LP, under the catalogue number ASD027; and CD, under the catalogue number ASD027CD.

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