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A promo video!

Yup, as it says above, there’s a promo video for “The Past Recedes” off the Curtains album. No joke, folks…and you should go here to get it. If you’re on broadband connection, you should be able to watch it properly.

Enjoy:) I surely will.


If you cannot load the video to play on your computer (e.g. if you’re a dial up user like me), you can download it and play it offline. It’s very easy.

Right click and save as

Right click and save as


  • christina

    :wub: I love you! It takes forever to load and I only seen half(still

    loading….) but it’s really cool. Thank you!!! btw he’s so adorable in here 😀

  • melissa

    Hvala Iva :wub: the video took an hour and 20 minutes to fully load on this computer, even

    with the cable connection. and the link you gave to save took all of five minutes 😆 yay

  • Ann

    could not have put in an order to God for a better look at John. this video is so perfect in every way. this is

    what fans want to see, real and pure. a musician playing his music.