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Black Knights to debut two new songs on Wednesday

May 26, 2014 8 Responses

Black Knights will be debuting two songs off The Almighty at the Low End Theory (Airliner) in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 28th of May. Naturally, they will be performing Medieval Chamber as well. For more information, read the entire news item.

Classic Rock Mother’s Milk feature, Total Guitar snippet & more

May 14, 2014 Comments Off on Classic Rock Mother’s Milk feature, Total Guitar snippet & more

Press clipping time once again – John is in the June 2014 issues of Total Guitar and Classic Rock, Enclosure was given a good review in the April 2014 issue of Croatian edition of Rolling Stone, Scarlet Page’s Resonators exhibition was covered in the March issue of the Indian edition of the same magazine and the only 2014 cover for far – ironically – leads to an article conduced almost eight years ago. Ohwell, eppur si muove!

RZA on John in AmA + AcHoZen update + NYL sampler

May 5, 2014 12 Responses

In his AmA, RZA answered two questions related to John. Shavo Odadjijan reveals the name the AcHoZen song the maestro is on, upon request. Neurotic Yell Records release a free or whatever-you-can-give spring 2014 sampler.

Parallel Universe in Guitar Techniques May 2014 + Total Guitar April 2014 snippet

April 30, 2014 7 Responses

More magazine features and bits – while Guitar Techniques reasonably thinks that Red Hots’ Parallel Universe is an awesome track to tab, Total Guitar put Niandra LaDes as the second album on their list of ten worst albums by great guitarists…and mix it up with Smile From The Streets You Hold. Ouch!

Feature on John from Guitar Magazine Japan and more

April 28, 2014 12 Responses

Remember that long, long feature with partial tabs of songs previously not tabbed from the Japanese Guitar Magazine, May 2014 issue? We got it. And there is a little extra, an one-page article from a…Polish TV guide! Life is unpredictable, isn’t it?

Duran Duran confirm John’s involvement on their new album

April 24, 2014 5 Responses

John said it in an interview with Guitar Magazine (Japan); now Duran Duran confirmed it on their official website – he’ll be playing on their new album and he’s doing his part from his home studio, as expected. Delicious!

John on the cover of next month’s Japanese Guitar Magazine

April 12, 2014 11 Responses

John is featured in the May 2014 issue of Guitar Magazine (Japan) and he’s also on the cover.

Enclosure is now out!

April 8, 2014 64 Responses

Enclosure is now out, worldwide. If you were resisting to use the Sat-JF14 app last week or seek leaks using any other means, now you can stop fasting and give it a listen.

John’s interview from the May 2014 issue of Guitar World and more

April 4, 2014 39 Responses

It’s raining magazine features, hallelujah! We have managed to get our hands on John’s interview from the May issue of Guitar World and this is a good, good opportunity to update the list as a bunch of other magazines arrived to the HQ as well. While some of these might not be particularly pleasant reads at one point or another, the technical part and the music knowledge presented are flawless, precisely what is expected from the maestro. Enjoy!

Listen to Enclosure in advance via Sat-JF14, its own satellite!

March 31, 2014 68 Responses

No, this is NOT an early April Fools’ joke. On the contrary, this is incredible. Sat-JF14 is an Interorbital satellite launched into space carrying Enclosure and you can stream it using your Android or iOS phone whenever it orbits over your region, until its release day.

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