Foregrow Silver Vinyl Coming Soon!

Another version of Foregrow is coming up July 22nd. This is not a Record Store Day release, but it’s a cool record – a silver-coloured vinyl LP. This is a limited release, but not as limited as the one from two months ago.

Order Options – Europe and the UK

At the time of writing this, it has surfaced on Red Eye Records with the price of £11.40.

Given that the £ is at its historical minimum today, we’re suggesting you to reserve it.

The reservation system on the website will allow you to pay only the record price at this point and you can pay the shipping latter, with the possibility of ad

The ‘reserve’ order option is chosen by you at checkout, or forced when placing an order that contains a pre-order. Your order will be placed in your own reserve section at Redeye that you can add to and ship from whenever you wish. If there is any postage to pay you do that at when you ship. The benefit of it being a ‘reserve’ order is that you can then add anything to it while you wait for the pre-orders to become available.

The release has also been spotted on Juno and Foreced Exposure. The latter also allows you to pre-order this record, albeit with no handy “reserve” option. The earlier offers e-mail alerts. Both outlets ship to all countries of the world – we tested it with a highly unpopular southern European country – so, have no fear! Just be aware that the forms don’t accept Latin extended characters.

For those who prefer huge retailers, the German release is slightly more expensive (cca 20€), but it will be available on July 11th and you can get it through Amazon. The UK site is out four days later, on July 15th and you can get it through Amazon, too.

Order Options – USA and the rest of the world

The only option we have found so far is Bullmoose. We are adding more links to this post once we know more, so make sure you check back!

Foregrow cover image - click to enlarge
Foregrow cover image – click to enlarge

The grandiose introduction goes like this:
A Carefully Overseen Limited Silver Colored Vinyl Version of Foregrow – NON RSD but Limited. Please PRE- Order your copies to get full pick. Tracklist: A1-Foregrow, A2-Expre’act B1-Lowth Forgue, B2-Unf John Frusciante’s Foregrow doesn’t sound like any Acid Test record, or any record, that’s come before it. After the unlikely alliance between the Los Angeles label and the iconoclastic Venice, CA musician on Trickfinger, all bets are off. This one’s truly a passage through night. Foregrow is a lurching, lysergic beauty which offers glimpses of his platinum pop instincts, but only behind the veil of true experimentalism.

For what Foregrow really is, we suggest you to read what John himself wrote here and look at the pictures of his studio.

If you own a record store or otherwise distribute records, have a look at Word and Sound for details on how to distribute this release.

If you’re a representative and want to clear things up – please, drop us a line. We are uncomfortable with contacting you.

* Many thanks to TL_ and Federico for the heads-up!

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