• Electronic Beats interview

    In a recent phone conversation with Electronic Beats, John talked about how he went from rock to rave and then to hip-hop, what kind of music he's making right now and where jungle beats can be found on his latest albums.

  • Truth Hurts track “Naked” for #AllLivesMatter, produced by John

    Truth Hurts - who was supposed to sing some of Ratiug and with whom John has been working since 2010 - has released a track for the #AllLivesMatter campaign, produced by John and featuring Joe Young. It's basically singing and freestyling over "Glowe", but now it's called "Naked".

  • A lengthy interview with John on Resident Advisor

    Resident Advisor caught up with John and spoke to him about the Trickfinger LP, his views of the world, stance on performing and how his most interesting music experiment to date came to be.

  • Happy 45th birthday to John!

    Today is the 5th of March 2015. And this is our traditional, 11th instance of the “Happy birthday to John” news item. You can do what we have been doing since pretty much the dawn of time and leave some birthday wishes. Happy birthday, John!

  • Guitar Techniques March 2015 featurette +Total Guitar and Rolling Stone clippings

    Guitar Techniques for March 2015 has a four-page featurette on John's acoustic playing; accompanied by what seems to be a never-before-seen photo from his All Tomorrow's Parties acoustic set ten years ago. Elsewhere, Rolling Stone mentions taking the iconic cover photo of RHCP in the nude back in 1992, and Total Guitar, for its 20th anniversary, recalls that one time when John was their first guest editor.