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More from Danny Carey on possibly working with John

Carrey, Key & Frusciante February 18, 2013 8 Responses

Danny Carey responds briefly to a question concerning possible work with John in the future, in an interview otherwise concering Tool’s new album and tour plans, for the New Zealand-based radio station, The Rock FM.

A feature on John in April 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar, April 2013 February 14, 2013 14 Responses

April 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine has a column discussing John; and they’re recommending it to people looking to expand their lick repertoire and teach their fingers some new things. Intriguing? It probably is worth attention, given how awesome their feature on the maestro was four years ago!

BigBoi lists The Empyrean among his favourite albums

The Empyrean cover art January 21, 2013 19 Responses

BigBoi, formerly of Outkast, was asked to list his 25 favourite albums ever for the website One of his favourites is John’s The Empyrean. While he’s not 100% sure about some of the details, he sure loves it. He believes it’s an album to conceive a child to, even.

Danny Carey On Possibilty Of Working With John

Carrey, Key & Frusciante January 17, 2013 7 Responses

In an interview for the February 2013 issue of UK-based drum magazine Rhythm, Danny Carey of Tool talks about his project with cEvin Key of Skinny Poppy. At some point, he mentions that John might be playing guitar with them. Some industrial after all these eclectic styles? Yes, please!

John blogs about creativity

creative_act_screen_thumb January 16, 2013 47 Responses

After a five-month break, John has blogged again. The lengthy and insightful post titled “The Creative Act” shares details on what many have been curious about for a long time: the process behind his creative process. It’s a long read, but worth it, just like the one written back in July was, so make sure you give it all the attention it deserves.

John on Sexual Castle demo, “Flip The Scrip”

Sexual Castle - Pleasure Pyramid January 10, 2013 32 Responses

Sexual Castle is yet another project of the WEAVE! girls, Ivory Lee Carlson and Nicole Turley. According to their bio, they sit reclined in their ice cream castle, making music for strawberry lovers. These phallic references are – as always – too passé for us mere mortals to understand; but we can surely understand that John is playing on one of the demos. So, check it out!

Happy New Year + Internet Tracks at 320 kbps mp3/FLAC

internet-tracks January 3, 2013 55 Responses

Happy New Year to everybody! This time last year, Invisible Movement was re-launched after a two-month break with awesome news and a new layout. This time, there aren’t any news; but there’s something a lot of us have been dreaming of for a long time. The Internet album is now available in two much better formats: 320 Kbps mp3 and FLAC. Enjoy it!

“Central” on MOJO’s Johnny Marr collaborations compilation

MOJO, February 2013 December 29, 2012 4 Responses

“Central”, the undoubted highlight from John’s 2009 critically acclaimed psychedelic masterpiece The Empyrean is featured on a free CD with the February 2013 issue of MOJO, dedicated to Johnny Marr. For those of you who can’t remember everything straight away: mr. Marr plays guitar on both the said track and Enough Of Me.

More vinyl reissues in January 2013, available in Europe, too!

jf_catreissue December 24, 2012 27 Responses

Didn’t get to order your vinyl reissues of The Empyrean or one of the bundles? Do not despair. More will be available in the first month of next year and, unlike it was the case at first, you can now get them from the European store as well.

Vinyls from 2004 to 2009 to be reissued!

jf_catreissue November 12, 2012 114 Responses

There have been rumours regarding this for quite a while and – whatdoyaknow – they were all true. John’s entire catalog with Record Collection Music, which means the albums and EPs from The Will To Death On, is available for pre-order on vinyl. You can get the albums separately, in a bundle, or together with this year’s releases in case you’re still catching up. So…dust off your turntables, audiophiles!

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