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Brown Bunny soundtrack remastered and to be re-issued on vinyl in April

Cover art for the new Brown Bunny soundtrack on vinyl February 17, 2014 26 Responses

Have you always wanted the Brown Bunny soundtrack on vinyl and found out that the only existing pressing of it was a bootleg? Do not despair, Australian indie label Twelve Suns is issuing the soundtrack on vinyl, with new cover art!

Let’s blog!

blog February 5, 2014 2 Responses

Invisible Movement started out as a blog in 2004. John has been blogging on his official website since late 2008. Everybody and their mother is doing it, so can you.

Video interview with John and the Black Knights

braca_bez_gaca_thumbbbbbb January 30, 2014 53 Responses

The Black Knights and John have been interviewed on’s Heavyweights Radio show for the 29th of January 2014. It’s a video interview and the maestro gets to talk. Watch. Discuss. Enjoy.

Listen to Kimono Kult debut EP

Kimono Kult January 17, 2014 27 Responses

Kimono Kult’s Hiding In Light is now available for streaming on their BandCamp page (one song) and on Amazon (samples of all songs). Enjoy!

Kimono Kult to release Hiding In The Light EP on March 04th

Kimono Kult January 11, 2014 35 Responses

There’s a new monstrous musical collab set to release their first EP. Their name is Kimono Kult and they’re Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Teri Gender Bender, John, Nicole Turley, Dante White and Laena Geronimo – some sort of an underground supergroup, one could say.

John mentioned in 60-year anniversary of Fender Stratocaster feature

60_years_of_strat January 9, 2014 10 Responses

Fender Stratocaster, one of the modern music’s most famous guitars turns sixty. Some remarkable songs and virtuosos get a mention. Is John on the list? You bet he is!

Pre-order Black Knights’ Medieval Chamber

Black Knights - Medieval Chamber cover image November 13, 2013 20 Responses

Pre-orders for Black Knights’s Medieval Chamber are open. There are no cassettes, but there is everything else, including source files. Go and reserve your copy now and come back to discuss it with everybody else.

Cover + New release date for Medieval Chamber

Black Knights - Medieval Chamber cover image November 12, 2013 5 Responses

Release of JF-produced Black Knights album has been pushed back to the 14th of January 2014, according to an exclusive news from the West Coast Sound blog on LA weekly; relying on information previously provided in the Billboard interview conducted this summer. But do not despair, we get to see the cover of Medieval Chamber, the said album.

Never Let Go – free Black Knights track produced by John for download

black_knights October 31, 2013 18 Responses

Download a source 32-bit file of Never Let Go, a song by Black Knights, produced by John Frusciante. For free, of course.

John answers questions for Billboard

John Frusciante - Outsides cover art August 20, 2013 134 Responses

Though the Japanese booklet interview might have seemed like a rare occurrence, it appears that we’re in four much more! John has been interviewed by Billboard as well and he’s shared a story on how he quit Red Hots to pursue his interests for what appears to be the first time. So, what is the maestro up to right now? Making hip hop and planning to release more music, but not planning to tour it.

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