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The Heart Is A Drum Machine DVD out today & competition winner

March 9, 2010 20 Responses

The day has come – the critically acclaimed documentary on music, The Heart Is A Drum Machine is out internationally. Some reviews have started appearing around the internet as well, so please do drop a line if you’ve seen a good one. In addition to all this, new screenings of the non-DVD version are being […]

Happy 40th birthday to John!

March 5, 2010 145 Responses

John is turning forty sometime today and, on that occasion, regardless of all the obstacles, circumstances et cetera, Invisible Movement (which is me and all of you who won’t comment on this for whatever your reasons are) would like to wish him a very, very happy year ahead and at least as many years as […]

Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat – tracklisting, credits, album art

March 3, 2010 41 Responses

Swahili Blonde have just revealed the album art and credits for their upcoming album, Man Meat, which will be published sometime this year. As expected, John is playing guitar on all tracks, but he is not involved in producing duties, as it was actually said last year, when Nicole Turley was interviewed for the Tom […]

Win a copy of The Heart Is A Drum Machine DVD!

March 1, 2010 79 Responses

This week is going to be a fest here on Invisible Movement, for reasons that should be obvious to you if you know what’s coming up on Friday and, for some of you, if you get what else is this week. There will be random surprises here, on Twitter, Facebook, board and, duh, here, so […]

Swahili Blonde press reactions & an alternative order link

February 28, 2010 8 Responses

Here’s a little digest on Swahili Blonde-related stuff, for everyone who’s interested. I thought this would be more practical than posting these news items each time they appear, especially given how many of you are subscribed to updates (that’s a whole small town out there, ouch!).
To all of you who have noticed that is […]

ESPN’s plan to make curling a mainstream sport (satire)

February 25, 2010 14 Responses

Time for some humour, in hopes that there are creative people around.
American sports television network ESPN have a killer plan on how to make curling a mainstream sport. They have an interesting idea of who should be in the USA curling team at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Сочи. Given how popular curling is […]

Flea on John’s departure in The Watt From Pedro show – transcript included

February 24, 2010 50 Responses

In the most recent edition of The Watt From Pedro Show, Mike Watt is talking to Flea, playing a song by an actual Serbian band Disciplina Kičme (if you’re curious, check them out – I was really, really surprised to see something from my country in the playlist!), Brother Matt is doing a spin cycle […]

Can’t Stop and Give It Away in Best Videos Ever – Vote!

February 23, 2010 13 Responses

MTV Germany is running a poll titled Best Videos Ever and they have presented their viewers with a large, alphabetic list of music videos to choose from, amongst them are two Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ones that John’s in as well, Can’t Stop and Give It Away.
Here is the voting page. You can vote […]

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on John’s complete body of a musician and more

February 20, 2010 6 Responses

In a rather lengthy interview on Ultimate Guitar; Omar Rodriguez-Lopez was asked about many things, including John and his appearances on The Mars Volta’s albums, which eventually led to a very interesting and complex answer on two musicians’ relationship and what drives whom in music.

Q: Former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitar player John Frusciante […]

The Heart Is A Drum Machine on Amazon; featuring a 25 minute John interview!

February 19, 2010 12 Responses

After its release date was confirmed by its producer, Ryan Page; and as of today, also by Lightyear Entertainment (who explained that there might be a slight delay before it’s on their website – many thanks to Sky for the explanation); The Heart Is A Drum Machine is now available for pre-order on Amazon as […]

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